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Export Permoters
We are Export promoting company.. Our headquarters are  located in India However more importantly we have business  partners in Portugal, Taiwan, and Spain as well as in  Italy, USA and Poland. Our company  is truly operative and present  globally; therefore, we can satisfy the  client needs while giving  the quality and security that our partners are  seeking in an international  business. 
Now we are going to enlarge our organization by increasing  the network  of business partners. We think we could help each  other of making deals  and sharing the profit.  We would like  to establish long term business partner relationship with  your  company.  We are looking for serious people that can help source  what we need on  a daily basis. 
Actually we can supply of below  mentioned products but this is just an  example 1. Iron Ore(Fe Content.......min 58% to 63 %) 2. Metal scrap  (HMS 1&2 and Used Rail, cooper, stainless steel etc.)
If you  are a sales professionals, with contacts to buyers and sellers  in  your country, if you have experience in selling and negotiating  with  clients we will be a perfect match. We would like your company  to join  us and be one of our partners (Export Promoter).  We can work on both ends as importer or exporter.
Your  job would be searching for reliable buyers in your country or  offering  for us some products from your suppliers. In this way we can  operate  in two directions as buyer for your suppliers (producers) or seller  if you bring the client for our products. We are based on a set of values.
We know that the  most successful  business relationships occur when the interests of all  parties  involved are accounted for. We know also that everyone is  different,  so we dedicate ourselves to teamwork by respecting each others  unique  abilities and contributions. We conduct our business with honesty,  integrity, professionalism, and mutual respect. Our success is  based on  multinational cooperation.
To a great advantage, you  can have ready  access to all our group’s reliable sources. We  will be in constant contact  with you and are always available  to answer any of your questions.  Communication in any of the following  languages is very welcome: English,  Spanish, French, Italian,  Polish, and Russian.
As a real partner, we will assist you from  the beginning to the end of  the business transaction; therefore,  if you have any special condition  as far as exporting or importing,  just let us know and we will do the  best to accommodate your needs. 
We\'re looking forward to your favorable response. Please feel  free to  contact us for further information

We need to have recent international trade experience in the private sector, with specialist knowledge of one, or more, geographical markets, or industrial, or service sectors. Their experience must be credible to EXPORT PROMOTIONS business and to potential trading partners. Private sector contacts and enhanced reputation in the market are very useful.

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